has an advertising solution for every budget, every race and every business. Our Banner Advertising gets you noticed! Wherever your ad is located on our site, you will be seen. We also offer email marketing to our races that want to make sure they get the word out in one simple email. 

Every weekend there could be 40-50 events going on and sometimes 250 events in a month around the state of Florida. Race Directors are fighting for the runners attention and to build upon the brand they have created for there race. We have the ability to make your race stand out from the rest in this already exploding market.

Race Logo Listing Р$50.00 per month 

Race logo Banner on the front page 125x125

Premium Race Logo – $75.00 per month

– Race banner on front page above race logos 750x90

– Race banner above race calendar

– limited to 4 banners per month

Email Marketing – $125.00 per email


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